Let's Talk About STIs

It isn’t easy talking about sex or STIs, which is why it is all the more important to bring up this particular conversation with that special someone. In this day and age, one can never be too careful when it comes to STIs. In order to start talking about this sensitive topic, feel confident in what you are about to do; it is the right thing! It’s entirely okay to feel nervous, most people do, but an honest and open conversation is the best approach. So don’t wait any longer, bring it up today.

Knowing about STIs is Crucial

Get to know all about STIs; how it’s tested, and how it’s treated. Knowing relevant facts will allow you to feel confident and answer any questions your partner may bring up in the conversation. If they happen to ask a question you don’t have an answer for, Google is your best friend, so keep your smart phone handy.

If you’re Wondering about the Right Time, it’s Now

First of all, create time to have this conversation where you both have privacy to discuss the matter. Don’t allow things to heat up, and explain that this isn’t about lack of trust. As it’s entirely possible to contract an STI from a previous relationship and they haven’t realized it yet, tell your significant other that you have been researching STIs and it turns out that it’s quite common. Statistics show that one in two young sexually active people can contract STIs by the age of 25, most of which won’t even realize it. And since numerous STIs don’t have visible symptoms, the only way an individual can be sure is by getting tested for it.

If you happen to have an STI, it’s your responsibility to tell your new partner about it before having any sexual contact, and this includes oral sex.

Be Bold

Be bold about the matter and take charge. Instead of waiting for your partner to breach the topic, you might realize that they are relieved that you bought it up first. As said before, feeling nervous is normal, speak up anyway!

Getting tested and if need be, treated for an STI is an important part of staying healthy and in control of your sex life. In a healthy relationship, couples should be able to talk about anything, and this includes STIs.


After you have bought up the topic, it is now time to listen to what your partner has to say. Find out where they stand on the idea of getting tested. This will allow you to determine if you are both on the same page.

If they seem reluctant about getting tested, you might want to consider if you want to stay in a relationship with that person; after all it’s your health that’s in jeopardy.

In any relationship, the well being of you and your partner is the primary goal of the relationship, and this includes every aspect. The sooner you realize that, the better, and the sooner your partner realizes that you are serious about STIs, even more so.

In terms of getting tested, this can be done online these days and there are even apps that can help you out. A quick search on Google will direct you to many responsible providers of sexual health services. We do not make a recommendation here as there are quite a number of responsible services, so it would be inappropriate to promote a single private service here. Some of the services are free of charge through a government funded scheme, but these are restricted on an age and post code basis.

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