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Erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment in the form of tablets such as viagra, cialis and levitra, aren’t for everyone. In some cases men don’t want to take pills and in others, this form of erectile dysfunction treatment just doesn’t work. Pills like these are ineffective for around 25% of men, a huge portion of men who suffer with ED. Thankfully, injections are an alternative form of treatment and until now, Caverject has been the only one on the market. A new injection called Invicorp has arrived and has raised the bar in terms of what should be expected from injectable ED treatments. Vitaros is another non oral treatment soon to be launched and, thanks to the demand for other forms of ED treatment outside of the tablet form, the competition is hotting up and great things are to come in terms of how user friendly these injections are and their associated success rates. With an increasing number of men affected by ED, it is fantastic that the quality of these products is coming on in leaps and bounds and also, over a short period of time. Viagra was only licensed in 1998 and alprostadil, the active ingredient in MUSE and Caverject, licensed soon after that. Since then, new and more individualised ED products have slowly but steadily come on the market and Invicorp will no doubt be celebrated like the rest of them. Between 10 and 20 million men are estimated to be affected by ED in Western Europe, the same numbers estimated to be affected in the States, and what’s more, the success of treatments varies from person to person making it vital that new products are well received.


The Invicorp injection is made from a combination of vascoactive intestinal polypeptide and phentolamine mesylate. By relaxing the muscle in the walls of the blood vessels and dilating them, blood flow to the penis increases. Additionally, the blood flow out of the penis is reduced, resulting in the formation of an erection. The injection is administered at the base of the penis and the results are almost instantaneous with the ability to achieve an erection occurring between 5 and 10 minutes. This form of treatment is therefore desirable for ED sufferers who would like to be more spontaneous in their sex life.

Invicorp is a welcome addition to the ED treatment pool and looks like it might be a winner with 3 out of 4 men who have stopped their original erectile dysfunction treatment due to poor efficacy, responding well to Invicorp. It is also said to be a much less painful injection than existing forms on the market due to its unique autoinjector which makes self injection easier and also means that the treatment is delivered correctly and safely into the system. 


As with other ED treatments and prescription drugs, men who have certain cardiovascular related illnesses or those who are contraindicated in some way, should not take this treatment. This is why ED treatments should always be obtained on prescription after detailed medical histories have been considered. Side effects are similar to other injectable or oral ED treatments and include facial flushing, headache and dizziness all of which abate when treatment has ceased. Success with these treatments is down to trial and error as everyone will have a different experience but it’s good to know that there is plenty of choice out there at the moment and hopefully research in this area will continue and continue to improve the quality of products on the market.

Your GP

We recomend that you speak to your GP about this product in the first instance. It may be that he or she will refer you to a urologist.

Online Suppliers

It looks like there is only one clinic ( selling this product online in the UK at the moment but this will surely change as men start demanding the product. This online clinic is also claiming that there is a supply issue with Caverject so this may mean that there will be plenty of demand given that Caverject is used by men for whom the oral medications have little or no impact.

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